RBK Method

We wish to create an football environment, where our players and our coaches will be inspired, every day and in all sessions.

People make things happen, the right people make the right things happen every single day and for us as a club, that is exactly what we are aiming to accomplish.

Our RBK Method is developed by our club staff members in partnership with members of our international coaching advisory.

We hope that you will have a look at our sessions and use what you can for your club / teams and leave out what you don’t think will benefit your club and players.

You can sign up below and get a email notification every time we post a free session on our website.

If your club wishes to become a partner club of RB Køge and get access to our RBK coaching methodology and weekly sessions, please feel free to contact our club chairman on mail: ksa@rbkoge.com 

As a RBK Club Partner your club will get acces to our unique player and team development model, our weekly session and become a part of a network of clubs around the world. Clubs that all have the same vision and dream, “to develop players and people for the highest football level in the world”. 

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